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  • The #1 action you can take to get more of your emails in the inbox (this alone will skyrocket your open rates)
  • What every opt-in "thank you" page must contain (most web designers don't know to include these)
  • The 3 pieces of identification Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo require to get your emails delivered (making one minor mistake setting these up can wreak havoc sending ANY emails)
  • How to optimize the four key sections of your content for maximum email delivery (key tips your email marketing software provider won't tell you)
  • The 3 things every welcome email must include (that reduce the number of unsubscribes)
  • Why most email "experts" are wrong about the Google Promotions tab (REAL numbers reveal the truth about their scare tactics)
  • A surefire way to get mailbox providers to reject all your emails (one email guru charges unsuspecting marketers $10,000 to make this horrendous mistake)
  • How choosing the wrong web hosting provider can sabotage your email marketing efforts (how to know and what to do about it)
  • The reason you should ditch the email newsletter (and what to send instead)

What others are already saying about Hit The Inbox

"Scott's book is no-nonsense, easy to read, and has many ah-ha strategies that will help you get better results with your email marketing - highly recommended."

Dave Dee

Author of Sales Stampede

"Scott has a way of simplifying the (seemingly) complicated subject of email deliverability.

Not only does he tell you the truth about what it takes to 'hit the inbox,' but he also shares actionable steps that you can take to improve your results.

If you follow his recommendations, you will definitely have an unfair advantage over your competition."

Misty Kortes

Founder of Your Marketing Coach

"Hit The Inbox is a super practical resource that unpacks a complicated, technical topic.

Many people understand the value of needing email marketing, but don't take the time to ensure that investment is maximized.

I 100% recommend checking this out. It's well worth the investment!"

Evan Cox

Founder of Evan Cox Consulting

"Because we are living in the time of instant gurus and advice that is not tested and true, Scott Hartley's book, Hit the Inbox, is a breath of fresh air, in short because he gets it.

Scott is a true Direct Response Marketer, and his teachings are tested and grounded in true principles.

This book is a must for every marketer, business owner and copywriter bookshelf. If you need to improve your results from your email marketing, run to purchase this book."

Nick Loise

Past President of GKIC and Magnetic Marketing & Founder of the Sales Performance Team

"While other books have spines, this book has balls. A quick and powerful game-changing read.

Instead of getting the occasional reply, I'm no getting multiple replies in a single day! Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity Scott!" can't respond to an email that's not in their inbox.

Instead of getting the occasional reply, I'm now getting multiple replies in a single day! Thank you for restoring my faith in humanity Scott!"

Dan Shea

Author Cold To Sold

"In a read that took me significantly shorter than sitting through a series of webinars on the same subject, Scott Hartley concisely and credibly delivers the critical information you need to know about getting your emails into inboxes instead of spam or junk folders.

Moreover, the methods he describes are often overlooked by seasoned professionals and can have a much greater impact than many of the typical tactics used in the industry."

Scott Ruesch

Founder of Ruesch Consulting, LLC

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